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About Us

Confucius say - choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Making ice cream is like that.


Particularly when the ingredients are coming from the best growers and providores of the beautiful Barossa Valley, and surrounds.


The cream comes from Jersey cows of Greenock. The fruit juice for the sorbets is 100% natural juice from the Riverland district of South Australia. The fresh whole strawberries are from the nearby Adelaide Hills.


Where ingredients can't be sourced locally, we ensure they are excellent quality from credible purveyors. Our vanilla beans are organic. The 70% Belgian Chocolate is from fair-trade single origin farms.


But best of all, it tastes amazing!!





Julie Donnellan has a long history in the Food Wine and Tourism industry. Originally from Melbourne, she has chased the work across Australia, and her tastebuds throughout the world, finally landing in the beautiful Barossa Valley. Always wanting her own business in the food industry, it was at the instigation of good friends, and the solid partnership with Les, that she was finally able to follow her dream.


Les Williams is a Jack Of All Trades who, in his travels, has learnt first and foremost attention to detail, and taking the time to do things right. He learnt his cooking skills while working as a chef in Adelaide for many years, and it was through working with fresh seafood that he fully grasped the understanding of food safety, paying respect to the ingredient, and minimal food miles.


The Barossa Valley Ice Cream Company is accredited with the Dairy Authority SA and strictly adheres to HACCP principles.

All of our products are gluten free!

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